Our city is witnessing unprecedented growth and development. A visit to our Nashville.gov website tells us that there are 565 building permits in our district alone. 565! Click and see map. If left unchecked and without oversight we will lose the things we have come to love in our community:

  • pubic lands and parks

  • sidewalks

  • peace and quiet

  • minimal traffic congestion 

  • financial, healthcare, and utility assistance programs for our seniors


My wife and I have raised our family in West Nashville community, supported its public schools, served on its committees, and attended nearly all its meetings—we understand what makes a neighborhood a community. We care what happens here, AND the Metro Council is the primary tool through which we—you and I—can make an impact.

Hillwood High School is slated to be closed and moved. So what happens to the 31 acres??? We are told there are no plans... currently. 


Brookmeade Elementary School—a former blue ribbon school—was closed by Metro School Board. The property was SOLD to be developed.


West Meade School is in disrepair and overcrowded.


MANY families with school age children are moving to our district. AND we are closing schools, tearing down schools, and leaving another school in disrepair??? 

This makes no sense.  


The 2020 Census will soon be out with accurate family numbers and demographics. Tear down and closing decisions should wait. We must make informed, smart, AND strategic decisions for our children and community.


Metro Council's primary focus—today and always—should be to empower, encourage, and support:

  • Our Students. They must be first. All of our 86,000 need access to excellent public schools with clean, well maintained buildings, books, supplies, and meals.

  • Our Teachers. They are the front line of Metro education. They must have competitive compensation, quality resources and family and administrative support.

  • Our Facilities. There is no reason for our schools to be overcrowded, ill equipped, or out of reach. 


A great city has great public education. We must invest in our teachers and schools so they are equipped and supported to do the critical work of preparing our students. I am committed and prepared to make that happen.

  • I  collaborated with other leaders to build The Academies for Metro Nashville Public Schools—a nationally recognized high school program. I have been a part of this program for over 12 years, 

  • I Chaired the Hillwood High School Hospitality Partnership Council,

  • I was a member of the Mayor’s Advisory Board on Exceptional Education, and

  • I have countless hours mentoring high school students through the Education Committee for Greater Nashville Hospitality Association.

As a Metro Councilman I will be working with the Planning Department, holding visioning sessions, updating you on plans and policies, and ensuring all zoning decisions and development address surrounding property owners and environmental concerns. For example: addressing the increased use and demand on our various infrastructure systems including: 

  • water, drainage, and sewer systems,

  • public transportation, and

  • public safety.

Another critical job of your Metro Council is overseeing and enforcing accountability when staffing and equipping Police and Fire/EMS departments. A world-class public safety system not only makes our community safer for us and generations to come, but also reduces insurance costs and increases property values.

"Our local fire station on Davidson Road does a tremendous job responding to our disasters and needs. I will be an advocate for providing our fire and EMS workers with the staff and resources they need to serve us."

These are disciplines I have demonstrated as manager of Holiday Inn Vanderbilt (since 2003) and in the planning and opening of 40 hotels. I will call upon these as your Council Representative. Why?

Nashville’s debt has increased from $400 Million to about $4 Billion since 2000.


I will strongly advocate fiscal responsibility and minimal government debt—AND be transparent with my methods and their results.

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Thom Druffel | Metro Council | District 23

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