Members of the Metro Planning Commission:

I want to express my concerns with the Highland View Concept in the Knob Hill area for the following reasons. 

  1. The half size lots to R20 does not fit into the overall plan of lower density and R40 larger lots for our neighborhood. 

  2. Knob Hill has steep slopes that will cause significant stormwater runoff. This will challenge the integrity of our current stormwater system, which is already ineffective. The water runoff will impact our neighbors that live on Knob Road. Once the development is completed, there is no accountability for the long- term impact on those living on Knob Hill Road.

  3. There is no research or knowledge on the impact of groundwater and streams. 

  4. The development impedes the green space that is unique to our hills in West Nashville.


I have lived in this neighborhood for over 17 years. Most of us are long term residents that love and stay in our neighborhoods based on the incredible natural ability beauty and consistent zoning for larger lots. Our communities have great tree canopies and wildlife that is unique and special in Nashville.  


I am a candidate for Metro Council next to this area. I have talked to hundreds of neighbors in the past few weeks. Their unanimous priority is maintaining the quality and natural beauty. I would respectfully ask that the cluster option be rejected or deferred until a plan could be developed that is consistent with the natural integrity of our neighborhood.



Thom Druffel

613 Lamar Dr., Nashville, TN

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