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MEET Thom's Supporters


 Thom is an unwavering supporter and protector of our neighborhood with a keen focus on preserving and enhancing our tree canopy.

Thom weighed in with well-founded critiques and reasonable suggestions for changes regarding the Belle Meade Plaza redevelopment. He was the only council member to vote against it.
Thom led the discussion to update stormwater regulations and was the lead sponsor for Resolution RS2022- 1757.

I a m convinced that Thom will continue to work with passion and commitment to support our neighborhoods in the next four years.


— Hans-Willi Honegger / Rolling Fork Drive


I have partnered with Thom Druffel on several initiatives for our community. I find him deeply committed to his District 23 neighbors and Nashville. Thom listens and seeks input from his constituents — he cares what we think. No issue is too large or too small.  

Thom finds a way to represent both the individual and the whole of Nashville by serving on teams and spearheading initiatives with goals that positively impact our city's ability to educate its students, recruit good talent, and improve livability.  

I am pleased to support Thom as my Metro Council Representative for District 23.

– Patricia Knight, District 23 Beautification Commissioner


Thom has demonstrated dedication in serving and protecting our West Meade Community and ALL of District 23. He keeps us well-informed and is transparent in all that he does. Thom quickly responds to our needs and strongly supports all efforts to prevent over-development that threatens our green space. Thom has launched numerous initiatives — all comprised of neighbors with a common purpose: a Public Safety Team, a Beautification Team, an annual Holiday Lights for Hope Competition, an annual Christmas Parade with Santa, and the list goes on. Thom represents us well!

– Wayne Underhill. President, West Meade Neighborhood Association


Thom knows the importance of commUNITY and, to that end, has launched numerous initiatives within District 23 — all comprised of neighbors with a common purpose: a Public Safety Team, a Beautification Team, a Holiday Lights for Hope Competition, a Christmas Parade with Santa, and Friends of West Meade Hills whose focus is the conservation of our green spaces, beautiful tree canopy, and wild habitat. The list goes on…

– Lauren Balmer, Business Development


I can not imagine a better Representative for District 23.

Thom initiates sidewalk projects, like Vaughns Gap and Davidson Road, to make our streets safe for residents & children.

Thom set in motion and facilitated the clean-up operation of the Homelessness Encampment in
West Meade. He also ensured a careful transition to a clean and safe environment for its inhabitants.

Click here for the many other pro- grams Thom has and continues to represent his neighbors on: www.

— Carole Raley / Vaughns Gap Road


Thom Druffel listens to and supports his constituents while doing his best to help Nashville be its best version of itself. He is the finest example of honesty, morality, character, and hard work! Thom has my vote. 

– Jerry Neal, retired U.S. Air Force Pilot and World War ll Veteran


I deeply value Thom Druffel's leadership and involvement. One of his initiatives — the District 23 Public Safety Team — is a program ​made of neighbors working together to make our neighborhoods and streets safe. As an ER doctor, I want this for our community​, so I chose to help start and lead this Team. Thom attends every meeting; his insight and influence have been critical to our success.

— Rachel Kaiser, M.D., Saint Thomas ER Doctor 


Thom Druffel mentored me through the Hillwood High School / Business & Hospitality Academy — a program he initiated and facilitated for community high schools in Metro Nashville. Today, I am the Guest Service MANAGER at the Conrad Hilton. 

— Zuhair Al-Bunni, Guest Service Manager, Conrad Hilton


I am very involved in West Meade conservation issues and monitoring development that does not benefit our neighborhood. For me, it's vital that our tree canopy be preserved and the ridges and slopes not be destroyed. 

Thom Druffel has been very responsive to these issues. He has supported many neighborhood initiatives that resist rezoning and harmful construction.   

Thom Druffel has my vote.

— Susan Castle, Chairperson of the Friends of West Meade Hills


To start with, Thom Druffel is just an amazingly good person who presses for the well-being of our community. He listens carefully to his constituents and is not afraid to stand up for what we want, even in the face of overwhelming opposition. Thom's single NO vote on the Belle Meade Plaza rezoning issue is a stunning example of his commitment to our community. He is working hard to make Nashville a safer and better city while still listening to and caring for individual neighborhoods. 

I am unequivocally thankful for Thom Druffel and support him in his re-election campaign for our Metro Council Representative.

– Camilla Neal, Carnavon Parkway

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