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Beautification Resources

Adopt a Street

Metro Beautification's Adopt-a-Street program is a great way that faith communities, businesses, neighborhood groups, families, and individuals can help keep Nashville beautiful. It provides a way to show pride in your community! Adopting a street is free but you must adopt as little as four blocks and conduct a cleanup at least four times throughout the year that covers both sides of the street. The agreement is good for one year and can be renewed for as many years as you would like to commit.


Ash Tree Removal and Tree Replanting Pilot Project

Metro Water Services received a grant for an ash tree removal and tree replanting pilot project. This project aims to plant two trees in the Metro right-of-way (ROW) for every right-of-way ash tree removed. A variety of replacement tree species have been selected to reduce the impact of future pests/infestations and increase our canopy’s resiliency. Areas were chosen for this project based upon their density of right-of-way ash trees and available right-of-way for replanting. This pilot strives to serve as an example of how we can help restore our urban canopy as we lose our ash trees. Please contact for additional information.

Citizen's Water Academy

Metro Water Services is accepting applications for Citizen's Water Academy — an opportunity to learn about our most precious natural resource, water, and how MWS manages it from “river to river.


HubNashville is a comprehensive one-stop-shop customer service system, that makes it easier for people to connect with Metro representatives in order to make service requests for non-emergency services like Trash, Recycling & Litter, Property Violations, Public Safety, and more. With hubNashville you can ask questions, and share feedback. It is easy to use and doesn’t require a user to know which department they need to contact.

Jennifer Smith / Horticulturist

Metro Water Services | O – 615-862-8708 |

Nashville Tree Foundation | Planting a Greener Nashville

The Nashville Tree Foundation works to preserve and enhance Nashville’s urban forests by planting trees in urban areas, identifying the oldest and largest trees in Davidson County, and educating the public about the value of trees.


NES | Our Tree Trimming Program

We understand the importance of safe & reliable power in keeping our lives running smoothly. That's why tree trimming is so important. NES requires a safety maintenance zone around each pole which extends at least a ten-foot radius within which all vegetation will be removed.

ReWild Nashville Facebook  

ReWild Nashville invites all Nashvillians to use our gardens and lawns to create naturally safe living spaces for our families AND for native plants, animals, and insects that must thrive in order to keep our planet habitable. ReWild Nashville welcomes any level of participation and will share knowledge from experts about: preserving tree canopy, planting more native trees, shrubs and flowers, solving water runoff problems by planting water gardens, providing habitat for birds, bees and other wildlife, using non-toxic prevention of wildlife damage, and more.

Root Nashville | Plant a tree, Grow our city

The strength of our tree canopy is intertwined with the health of Nashvillians and the quality of our natural environment. Our vision is to build a tree canopy for Nashville that creates more equitable, healthy, climate-resilient neighborhoods. Root Nashville is a public-private campaign, led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant a 500,000 trees in Davidson County by 2050.

TN Smart Yard

Tennessee Smart Yards is an Extension-led program that guides Tennesseans on practices they can apply in their outdoor spaces to create healthier, more ecologically-sound landscapes and communities. TN Smart Yards is also a certification program for residents that use 'smart' resources to care for their yards. 

TN Urban & Community Forestry Annual Conference November 9-10, 2022 

Growing Greener Tennessee Communities

The Tennessee Urban Forestry Council  inspires and empowers people to plant, grow and sustain healthy urban and community forests.


Check back! We'll update this page and our facebook page with upcoming events, news, beautification tips, and resources. If you have any suggestions, questions, or your own resources to share, please email them to D23 Beautification Team at

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