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CommUNITY Action Programs

WELCOME to District 23 / West Nashville!

You have chosen well; you won't find a better collection of neighbors, schools, churches, entertainment, attractions and fun anywhere in the U.S. To affirm that proclamation and help ease the Newcomers' transition burdens, we have compiled an eBrochure of essential amenities, including services, resources, and entertainment. Click and See...

CommUNITY Action Programs

Select a CommUNITY Action Program (CAP) below that fires you up. Click and send a message with your choice and questions to the CAP contact. OUR goal is to create an opportunity for everyone to be a part of commUNITY, and to help preserve and enhance the quality of life in District 23.

Hospitality Committee | Coming soon — members from our community welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood.

District 23 Beautification Team | Our goal is to bring together neighbors, both new and established, for the common purpose of maintaining and enhancing our neighborhood through beautification and awareness initiatives.  Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to Patricia Knight, District 23 Beautification Team Chair:

Beautification Links

Beautification Resources

Beautification News & Events

Community Outreach | This CAP is responsible for establishing and maintaining programs in 23 West that  identify needs and provide resources and assistance to neighbors facing hardship. Primary emphasis will be placed on supporting our local schools. Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to:

Paul Garland at

Wayne Underhill at

Holiday Lights for Hope and Christmas Parade with Santa | This CAP is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and promoting the Holiday Lights for Hope Contest (click here and see the 2022 WINNERS) and the Parade Santa Rides a Fire Engine.  Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to:

Friends of West Meade Hills | This CAP's focus will be directed at urban conservation of our green spaces, beautiful tree canopy, and wild habitat. The organization of the committee will be modeled after Friends of Warner Parks, with a board and an advisory council to lend expertise and guidance. Current project: 

  • Setting up a Strategic Land Trust to protect our green canopy from encroaching development

Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to:

Susan Castle at 

Willie Honegger at 

Public Safety Team | ​ This community action program’s mission is to watch for and act on solutions that help make our neighborhoods and streets safe. This will be accomplished by

  • identifying and surveying the problems,

  • developing concrete solutions, and

  • presenting our recommendations to Thom Druffel, Metro Council Representative / District 23.

Thom has pledged to work with us, examine our ideas, and champion all worthy solutions to the Nashville Department of Transportation (NDOT) for enaction. Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to:

ReWild Nashville | ReWild Nashville invites all Nashvillians to use our gardens and lawns to create naturally safe living space not only for our families but also for native plants, animals and insects that must thrive in order to keep our planet habitable and our ecosystem healthy — for all our sakes. ReWild Nashville welcomes any level of participation and will share knowledge from experts about: Preserving tree canopy; Planting more native trees, shrubs and flowers; Solving water runoff problems by planting water gardens; Providing habitat for birds, bees and other wildlife; and more.  Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to Colleen Whitver at

Wildlife Sanctuary  | Harmony Wildlife is a rehabilitation center for injured or orphaned animals to recover, mature, and eventually released back into the wild. It will also be a resource for West Meade residents who have questions about animals they encounter.  Interested and want to learn more? Email your questions to Anastasia Kudrez at 


CommUNITY Action Programs
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