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Blasting, Damage, and Responsibility
On November 28, there was a meeting held at the Vulcan Materials plant on River Road. Click here for the minutes from that meeting.

A RADICLE Community Meeting  |  Monday, December 11 at 6:30 pm  |  In the Brook Hollow Church / Fine Dining Hall 
The purpose of meeting: UPDATE community on Radicle Process. 
6:30 - Start with mingling and looking at some Presentational goods 
6:40 - Intro a quick overview of the project
6:50 - Changes and developments
7:00 - Questions

You gotta hear this! | An interview with neighbor Jerry Neal was a B-24 pilot on D Day. Click and hear about his mission in this interview on The Moth Radio Hour: “Way Down Upon the English Channel..” Hosted by The Moth's Senior Director, Meg Bowles. 

Restoring Brookmeade Park | Public Information Session Summary  Click and read a summary from the community engagement meeting held in September. 

Sidewalk and Bikeway Program | Updates  Click and See Sidewalk and Bikeway Programs that are completed, in the works, and in the future. And while you are there, check out the Interactive Sidewalk & Bikeway Trackers. 

I did NOT vote for a zoning change. | Click and read

Mayor selects Thom for Chair of the Task Force on Youth Career Exploration and Alignment Opportunities. | Click and read

Thom is Increasing Government Transparency | Click and read

Thom Developed Strategic SOLUTIONS for the HOMELESS and the ENCAMPMENTS. | Click and readCheck out what WSMV 4 has to say about it. | Click and read

Homeless Problems | Click and read

Titans stadium project | Click and read


Metro's AGING culverts | Click and read

Budget |
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Legislation | Click and read

Search for Legislation | Click and read

Newsletter Signup |
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Newsletter|Back Issues | Click and read

A RADICLE Community Meeting
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