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It’s no surprise that over 18,800 Nashvillians have chosen to live in District 23: lush green lands, wooded parks with abundant wildlife, public schools, wooded homesites with ample acreage, and close knit communities.
Not sure what District you live in? Use the Address Lookup Here to find out. 

Points of Interest and Schools

Points of Interest and Schools

Cheekwood | 1200 Forrest Park Drive | click and see

The Warner Parks | 50 Vaughn Road | click and see

Friends of Warner Parks | 50 Vaughn Road | click and see

Belle Meade Plantation | 110 Leake Ave | click and see

Belle Meade City History | click and see

West Meade Mansion History | click and see

Belle Meade Country Club | 815 Belle Meade Blvd | click and see

Hillwood Country Club | 6201 Hickory Valley Road | click and see

Iroquois Steeplechase | 203 3rd Ave. North | click and see

West Meade Pool & Tennis | 800 Davidson Drive | click and see


Westmeade Elementary School | 6641 Clearbrook Drive | click and see

HG Hill Middle School | 150 Davidson Road | click and see

Hillwood High School | 400 Davidson Road | click and see

Nashville State Community College | 120 White Bridge Pike | click and see

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations

Belle Meade Courts
Tom McNiel /
Elizabeth Cummins /

Belle Meade Links
Sarah Wray /
Cassie Madden /
Allison Byrd Freeman /

NextDoor / Belle Meade Links

City of Belle Meade
Rusty Moore /

Friends of West Meade Hills
Co-Chair: Susan Castle /
Co-Chair: Willi Honneger /
Follow  us on Instagram @friendsofwestmeadehills

Harpeth Trace Home Owners Association
Shelby Bailey (President) /

Hillwood Neighborhood Association
Kathy Baker (President) /  
Maggie Dicks /

Hillwood Neighborhood Facebook

Warner Parks Community Association
Steve Kohl (President) / email:,
Matthew Lewers, Secretary /

Carole Raley /
Juliana Ericson /
Colin O’brien /
Steve Pipes /

Warner Parks Community Association Facebook

West Meade Hill Neighborhood Association
Pat Lawson (President) /

West Meade Neighborhood Association
Paul Garland (Co-Chair) /
Wayne Underhill (Co-Chair) /

West Meade Neighborhood Association Facebook

West Meade Park Neighborhood Association
Jeff Fuldauer (Chair) / 

District 23 Map/Overview

District 23 Map

Overview of District 23, Davidson County, TN | Includes: Population, Age and Sex, Race and Ethnicity, Household Types, Marital Status, National Origin, Ancestry, Languages, Household Income, Employment Status, Food Stamps, Occupations, Industries, Sectors, Educational Attainment, School Enrollment.

Learn more abut D23

Learn More about District 23

Nashville Area Chamber Profile for Metro Council District 23

Information includes:

  • Demographics by Population, Median Age, Household | Includes: Income, Age, Diversity, Size, and Status

  • Workforce and Education by Labor Force| Includes: Total Employed, Education, Occupation

  • Industry and Livability by Job and Retail Job Density, Commute Time, Home Rent| Includes: Includes: Average Spending, Business Summary, Transportation, Livability

Metro Council Releases NEW District Data Dashboard!

The District Data Dashboard contains a wealth of 2020 Census-based information for Nashville and Davidson County under broad topics such as Population, Housing, Education, Employment, and Transportation. Council District lines and information are based on the 35 districts created by the 2021 redistricting process approved by Metro Council through BL2021-1052 on January 18, 2022.

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