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Vulcan Blasting


Is Vulcan blasting causing long-term damage to our foundations and homes?

This webpage will be a repository for the latest information regarding this problem. It will contain updates from me as well as Paul Garland who has been our community watchdog against the heavy handed blasting that is rocking our foundations and homes. Paul has been posting information, as it comes available on the West Meade Neighborhood Association website – and newsletter – Sign up here.

The intangibles surrounding the blasting are many and complex: 

  1. What constitutes too much vibration for a house built in the 50s/60s/70s…? 

  2. Whose home lies on a shared rock of a blast? 

  3. How does a homeowner establish, measure, and document a home rattling destructive vibration? 

Just to name a few. 

There’s no way our homes are NOT being damaged from the blasting. 


What is the Solution? 

Stay connected with one another. Bookmark this page and stay abreast of any developments that threaten to rock our homes. And, when equipped and ready — we will go to the lawmakers en mass and request they DECREASE the vibration standard and INCREASE the distance between blasting and residential areas. — Thom Druffel

What have we done about it?


NewsChannel 5 Report on Vulcan Blasting  |  March 20, 2024, West Meade

Heather McDonald interviews the WMNA Vice President, Paul Garland, about the blasting damage in West Meade that resulted from 40+ years of quarry activity at the Vulcan Materials River Road facility. Click and watch.


Blasting, Damage, and Responsibility  |  On November 28, there was a meeting held at the Vulcan Materials plant on River Road. Attendees included Paul Garland, Sheryl Garland, Councilman Thom Druffel, and representatives from Vulcan Materials, including the VP of Permitting and External Relations, the Plant Manager, the Plant Supervisor, and the Manager of Community and Government Relations. The topic was the increasing intensity of blasts and the possibility of damage to residents due to blasting. Click and read more.


Informal Blasting Damage Survey  |  This survey exists so that we can determine if there is enough interest in WMNA continuing to pursue some assistance in fixing any damage that was potentially caused by the River Road blasting. Please be as accurate as you can. We do not assume that any problems you are experiencing did or did not come from the blasting – so, simply state how you feel. Click and take the survey.


The survey was created and posted by the West Meade Neighborhood Association
WMNA ( a 501(c)3 organization founded to support neighborly associations within and around West Meade in Nashville, TN. )

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