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A Metro Council’s primary purpose is to balance growth and development, and to preserve the quality of neighborhood life. This is accomplished by working with the Planning Department, holding visioning sessions, updating residents on plans and policies, and ensuring all zoning decisions and development address surrounding property owners and environmental concerns.


Unprecedented growth and development have placed a greater demand on our

  • aging water, drainage, and sewer systems; 

  • public transportation, and

  • public safety (staffing Police and Fire/EMS department).


Your Metro Council facilitates and encourages legislation that ensures and preserves:

  • greenways and parks

  • sidewalks

  • peace and quiet

  • minimal traffic congestion 

  • financial, healthcare, and utility assistance programs for our seniors

Metro Council impacts our education system by supporting programs that empower and encourage teachers and enhancing the environment in which they work. 

Your Metro Council Encourages small businesses. There is a correlation between small business success and families prosperity: 

  • businesses provide employment and families provide the business; 

  • the more businesses succeed the more tax revenue to spend on quality of life.

We all pay significant property taxes. Are we getting the benefit? The Metro Council is the steward of that investment and the guardian of our neighborhood's quality of life and resources.

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