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Find out why he is running.

You should really know Thom

Dear Friends,


I am running for Nashville's Metro Council | District 23 and want your support. My wife and I have raised our family in West Nashville since 2002, supported its public schools, served on its charities and committees, and attended nearly all its neighborhood and district meetings. We care what happens here—and know you do too. 


Our city is experiencing unprecedented growth and development. The impact on our neighborhood schools and infrastructure is telling:

  • public lands and schools repurposed for development

  • congested, deteriorating, and dangerous roadways

  • broken public education system

  • inadequate storm water drainage systems

  • old and deficient sewer systems

  • ALL of which create SAFETY concerns and LOWER property values.


We all pay significant property taxes,. Are we getting the benefit? The Metro Council is the steward of that investment and the guardian of our neighborhood's quality of life and resources. This council is the primary tool through which we can grow, protect, and enhance our neighborhood. That is why I am running for Nashville's Metro Council | District 23 and want your support.


Many of you know me, but for those of you who do not: I am not a braggart. However, it's important that you are familiar with my background, my work, and why I am qualified to work the problems that threaten our quality of life in West Nashville. Please message me with your questions and concerns.

And, please read through my website, become familiar with my experiences, achievements, recognitions, but most importantly my passion for community involvement and education. I have been privileged to work along side many of Nashville’s finest business and education leaders and chair committees that have accomplished much for our city.


We live in a divided culture that has lost its way in working together for the common good. With your support, we can rebuild that infrastructure of cooperation and find common purpose again. It begins here and today. 


Please support me for your next District 23 Council Representative.

Thom Druffel

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